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Ghanaian/Nigeria actress Miss Yvonne Okoro seem to be following the footsteps of most of African footballers who have been "age cheating". Until recently many of her numerous fans were of the impression that Sister Okoro was this cutie 24year old gracing their screens and many of the Azonto boys have had her on their wish list. With pressure on her to reveal her real age Miss Okoro was forced to admit she is not the age many have believed her to be by revealing she is rather 36years old. She tweeted this "So evry1 is askin if am really 24yrs..24yrs is my acting age#wink hahaha,hope tht answers it" This has come about as a result of her younger contesting the Miss Ghana despite controversy surronding her nationality. She was however gifted with the title of Miss SMS. A title many believed was created as a result of the volume of SMS in support of her sister. Readers can recall most of this "Football Age" African footballers always have their careers cut short in most cases. We desperately dont want to wish Miss Okoro a sudden career end.

Tuesday, 28 October 2014 12:28

My Pastor Hates Seeing Breasts - Actress

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A popular Akan/Twi movie actress, Nana Yaa Appiah, has told NEWS-ONE that combining her active Christian lifestyle and acting career has been a major challenge for her. “I cannot play certain roles and have had to reject many scripts because my pastor does not like to see my buttocks or breasts, not even a small part of it in movies. He would get angry because it is against the teachings of my church. I attend the Open Bible Faith Ministry at Atonsu and as you can see, I can’t even pierce my ears more than double. I sing at church and I am bound to be a role model,” Nana Yaa noted.Interestingly Nana Yaa is a very pretty lady with well rounded curves that could raise eyebrows if exposed in movies. She is tall and light-skinned, has an infectious smile and the type of body that could excite any right-thinking adult male. Nana Yaa admitted that the job of an actress has become very competitive and her selective attitude puts her at a disadvantage, but she does not have a choice because she is a practicing Christian and would have to abide by the teachings of her church and her pastor. Asked if her church does not know she needs to work to get money to pay her tithes and offering, Nana Yaa said her choice of career is not motivated by money. “Acting movies in Ghana is not all about making money. The movies for which I was paid very small monies have rather helped me enter places I could not have entered. It has opened doors for me. So sometimes, you consider some of these things rather than focus on money for now… there was a time a family invited me to spend holidays with them in Europe simply because they love the way I act,” she stated. Nana Yaa emerged on the Akan/Twi movie scenes in 2009 and with support from Samuel Akwesi Nyamekye of Miracle Films, she has since acted in some 70 movies. Though she started mostly by playing the role of a pastor’s wife, Nana Yaa later switched to other roles which have earned her numerous accolades including Osofo Maame, Dede, Mama G and Lady Posh. Source: News One
Tuesday, 28 October 2014 12:17

Van Vicker Goes To Court...

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Even before hearing of the Shatta Wale-Charterhouse court duel gets proper hearing , another court proceeding is set to grab the headlines in the coming weeks as famed actor, Van Vicker drags online portal, to court for slander. The lawyer for the actor, Egbert Fabille (same lawyer for Charterhouse, in their case against Shatta Wale) is said to have concluded the lawsuit and ready to serve the CEO/Publisher of the website, Paa Kwasi Boakye with the writ. Van’s decision to go to court was necessitated by a publication on the website weeks ago, which stated that the actor had contracted the deadly Ebola virus in Liberia when he went there to shoot the movie, ‘Bendu Sudan’. The story also added that, Ghana’s Foreign Ministry had barred the actor from returning to Ghana. The actor confirmed to Razz Newspaper that, since he made his intentions open about suing the website, he’s had calls from many media persons, pleading for him to drop the case – but he is determined to see the case through in court. He said that, the level of unprofessionalism in the field is becoming unbearable and his pursuance of the case in court may serve as a deterrent to others in the field. According to the actor, he has been a victim of many false stories over the years but he always let them go but this time, he will tackle the matter to its legal conclusion. “All the false stories affect me a lot, but this particular one I must say, has made people to be look at me with so much skepticism. Others make expensive jokes at me when I go to town which is not funny. I waste time explaining myself to people that the Ebola story is bogus when I could be doing something productive,” he lamented. Since the ‘Ebola story’ broke, Van has disclosed how such stories affect not only him, but his kids as well: “I am worried about my kids right now because the same thing happened when they put up a story on Facebook I had an accident and I was possibly going to die,” he said. He recalled that during the said publication, he was out of the country but when his children went to school, they went through some trauma. “People were telling them all sorts of stories and this time too I am afraid they are going to go to school and their friends will probably be keeping their distance from my kids because there is the possibility that they are also infected,” he explained. Speaking to the Paa Kwasi Boakye, he stated that, the story has already been taken down from the website although the story was a satirical piece which is meant for entertainment purposes only. The intent of such articles, according to him, is to mimic situations that make the headlines in daily news. Source: Razz
Tuesday, 28 October 2014 11:51

Lordina Mahama’s dress mesmerises the Queen So

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The Queen of England could not help but be mesmerised by Lordina Mahama’s dress when she and the President paid a visit to the Buckingham Palace on Thursday. While the 88 year old Queen wore an elegant cream boucle dress accessorised with a gold broche and a string of pearls, the First Lady wore a multi-coloured well-designed floor length ‘kaba and slit’. The yellow, blue and red attire seems to have captivated the Queen as she shook hands with the President’s wife. See the photos...
Handsome Ghanaian actor, Van Vicker, has discredited reports that he has been diagnosed with the deadly Ebola Virus Disease. Reports went viral earlier in the week that the actor contracted the virus while he was out in Monrovia, Liberia’s capital shooting the sequel to the movie ‘Bendu Sudan’. While other reports on social media also suggested that the actor has been quarantined and denied access back to Ghana. In order to clear his name, the actor has called on his fans to discredit such rumours as he is well and nothing of such took place. The actor stated that he was not diagnosed with Ebola and currently in Ghana and well. He shared his heart felt condolence to those infected with the virus especially Liberians, noting that he is working with the United Nations (UN) on the Ebola Response project. According to him, his wife and kids were visibly traumatized by the story because they were both getting calls, which was very disturbing. Adding that he has begun the process to take legal action against publishers of the story. Source: nigeriafilms
Tuesday, 07 October 2014 11:48

Actress Naa Ashorkor marries Saturday, October 4

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‘Perfect Picture’ star Naa Ashorkor Mensah-Doku, according to reports is getting married Saturday, October 4. The actress and television personality, has gathered is marrying Ahuma Cabutey Adodoadji, the Brand Communications Manager at telecommunications company, Tigo. The two, who have been dating for five years now, have managed to keep their relationship from the public’s eye. The traditional marriage ceremony will take place at Naa Ashorkor’s family home on the Spintex Road, Accra. Aspiring lawyer Naa Ashorkor, has starred in some of Shirley Frimpong-Manso’s productions including Adams Apple, Checkmate, and Scorned. She currently presents a mid-morning show on Starr FM in Accra. No date has been announced for the white wedding yet. Check out some pre-wedding photographs below:
One actress who has also confirmed the hot romance between wanna-be actors and movie producers before getting a role, is sexy and beautiful actress, Nikki Samonas. The actress in an interview on Radio Univers affirmed that producers indeed lure ladies to sleep with them in exchange for movie roles. “It is a national anthem. That is what happens when you are a lady in this entertainment industry,” Nikki said in an answer to a question posed to her by Abrantepa, host of the show. She added; “I hear it happens. It is normal because they are also human beings. Personally I’ve been through it before but I won’t mention names. If you are a beautiful and fair lady then it is normal this will happen to you. I won’t blame them (producers) because it is a normal thing that happens in life. At some point in life you meet certain challenges. I met one but won’t mention anybody’s name. So it is like that. That is the job.” Nikki Samonas further stated that whilst others are happy with the act of sleeping with ladies, others frown on it. “Everybody has their ways of getting money. If others think it is good for them, it works for them. Others don’t think it is good for them so they don’t do it.”
Tuesday, 23 September 2014 12:21

Some Actors Have Bad Breath – Actress

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Award-winning actress, Kafui Danku, has dropped a bombshell; stating her displeasure at the bad breath some actors discharge on set. Award-winning actress, Kafui Danku, has dropped a bombshell; stating her displeasure at the bad breath some actors discharge on set. In the light of the ongoing Ebola pandemic, 'Razz' Newspaper had an exclusive interview with Kafui to find out if filmmakers screen actors before casting them for roles that involve kissing or intimate body contact. In her usual charming smile, the adorable actress said: “I will be honest. As an actress, I have never been screened and has never seen any actor being screened before coming on set. "Yes, I know Ebola is now the most-talked-about disease but it’s not yet in Ghana. It’s around our neighboring countries but it’s not yet in Ghana, however, this screening topic is a serious one that we have to start talking about in the industry.” She also disclosed that this topic of medical screening for actors is one that usually comes up for discussion when they are on set but after shooting, they all leave for their respective homes and forget about it. Kafui said she knows one can get Hepatitis B through kissing but has immunized herself against that. Kafui admitted: “You may have immunized yourself, but what about the actor you will be kissing? How would you know he is clean and healthy? She also said her concern is not only about infections she stands to contract from kissing actors but the bad breath emitted by some on set. “Some actors have bad breath (laughed). Sometimes when rehearsing your lines with some, the kind of breath that comes out - is disturbing (laughed) but you can’t complain or tell the fellow. "Some of the scent, when it enters your nose, you can’t stand (laughed) its strong and powerful (laughed) I’m sorry I won’t mention any name so if your follow-up question is to ask me to mention names, I’m sorry I can’t mention any name. But I must admit that I’ve also come into contact with some who have fresh and healthy breath.” Asked what she does before kissing on set, she said she is one person who pays attention to personal hygiene so makes sure she avoids taking in onions, garlic and other odour-producing foods before she steps out. Sometimes I chew a gum, brush or take a mint before kissing on set. Kafui Danku advised that; “Actors should start immunizing themselves or go for medical screening. It’s very important. On the part of the filmmakers, they can start asking for medical reports to know the health status of actors before casting them for roles especially those that involve kissing. List of infections one can contact through kissing are: HIV, Hepatitis-B, Warts, Swine Flu, Infectious Mononucleosis, otitis media, Tonsillitis, Mumps, Chickenpox, Measles, Slapped cheek syndrome and the like…
Monday, 01 September 2014 11:02

We Need A Manager – Wanlov D Kubolor

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I don’t know how serious you would take this post but member of popular music group FOKN Bois, Wanlov D Kubolor has in an exclusive interview with disclosed the woes of the group and its inability to play so many shows especially in Ghana are as a result of their inability to secure a good manager.
Monday, 01 September 2014 10:16

Sonnie Badu Shows Off His Step Son

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UK based Ghanaian Gospel musician Sonnie Badu married his longtime lover Ann-Marie Davis last Saturday August 23, in London.
Saturday, 30 August 2014 12:22

"Adult Music Not Profane"

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Highlife musician, Kwabena Kwabena, has for the first time opened up about the lyrics of his awarding ‘Adult Music’ hit song, saying there is nothing profane about the song.
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